Have Your Future On Your Terms

Join a group of women just like you for an informal gathering about egg freezing. Learn from Seattle’s top fertility medicine experts about:

• the basics of fertility and when to start thinking about it
• the benefits of freezing your eggs and how the process works
• the costs involved and what questions to ask your insurance
• the FAQ’s

We want all women to have an opportunity to understand and discuss their family planning goals.

We will be offering a free Fertility Assessment (AMH level and follow up telephone call) for those who RSVP and request this special offer during check-out. Pre-registration must be completed before the event.

One of our Nurse Practitioners, Nurse Coordinators and Financial Counselors will be available throughout the event to answer all your questions.

Important information about the free Fertility Assessment: In order to obtain your AMH level, we will need to perform a blood draw. This will only happen the day of the event, starting at 5:00 pm. We will schedule an appointment for a blood draw at time of pre-registration.

Egg Freezing: An Educational Egg Freezing Event

5:30 – 6:30 p.m.
SRM Seattle – 1505 Westlake Ave N, Suite 400, Seattle 98109

Special offer! We are offering a free Fertility Assessment (AMH level and follow up telephone call) for those who RSVP and request this special offer during check-out at our Eventbrite Invite.

Registration is now open!

Why is egg freezing revolutionary?

Hasn’t this option been around for awhile? Companies like Apple and Facebook made history in 2014 after adding medical benefits that allow their employees to freeze their eggs, sparking fresh, widespread interest in the process. There have also been major advancements in the field in the past few years, boosting success rates and making it more affordable than ever before.

Egg freezing takes the anxiety out of postponing pregnancy. When you’re working full-time, getting your PhD or questioning when you will meet the right partner, the pressure you put on yourself to start a family can be so strong that you can almost hear your biological clock ticking. Freezing your eggs takes that pressure off.

Who’s freezing their eggs?

  • Women who want a baby someday, just not today
  • Women who are committed to school but want to have a baby later on
  • Those who’ve experienced life changes that haven’t allowed them to have children
  • Women whose careers come first right now

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“I encourage everyone to go to SRM for a fertility assessment and freeze immediately – the earlier, the better. Baby Luke is 3 months old now. I couldn’t be happier with my decision to freeze my eggs when I did!” – Kelcey, age 37 when she froze her eggs at SRM

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