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The physician group at SRM began in academic medicine at the University of Washington, and actively continue their research endeavors.
We have four conveniently located Puget Sound-area centers, and one location in Spokane.
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I have had the best care possible throughout this process and no matter the outcome, I feel blessed that we chose to work with SRM. Thank you so much for all of your attention and care.
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How to Stay Connected to Your Partner When IVF Makes You Feel Crazy

Receiving a diagnosis of infertility can be a painful time for couples and the stress of fertility treatment can test even the strongest bonds… And IVF? It’s a rough process to go through as a couple. The hormones, the not knowing, the whole experience can make you feel totally insane. But don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Two Mommies, One Path to Motherhood

It only takes, "one moment" of looking at her family to make, "every single second of infertility treatments 'worth it'" for SRM patient, Brandi. It may be a long path to parenthood at times but with a community behind you and the promise of those "one moments" at the end, it'll all be "worth it".

New Year, New Insurance: 5 Things You Should Ask Your Insurance Carrier

It’s a new year! While this is a time for celebration and resolutions, it is also when many insurance plans change or start over. Now is the time to call you insurance provider and find out if you have an infertility benefit under your new plan and what you need to do in order to access the benefit. But what do you ask someone once you actually get past the automated prompts? To help guide the conversation with your insurance provider we asked our finance team what questions patients should ask when talking to their insurance; here are the top 5.

Navigating The Holiday Season: A Personal Story

December is here which means the holiday season is in full swing. For many families, this time of year is one of the toughest to get through and is a strong reminder that something is missing.  With that in mind, SRM Physician Liaison, Marcie Guthrie decided to share her personal story as well as a few tips that helped her navigate the emotional and stressful waters of the holiday season.

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Our team can help you determine the most cost-effective way to realize your dream.
We are committed to helping you maximize your insurance coverage and reimbursements.
Patients from Washington, Alaska, Montana, Idaho, and Canada choose us to help them.
Your physician will develop a customized plan that addresses your unique needs.