The concept of Wellness is pervasive. We see it everywhere…books, magazines, television; choosing the right path can be overwhelming. Fortunately, when it comes to Wellness and Fertility, a simple approach is often the best. Abiding by several basic principles will improve your experience and may even enhance your outcome.

Clean Up Your Diet

Nutrition is the foundation of Wellness. The ideal diet is not trademarked or restrictive. It must be sustainable and promote long-term health. To this end, a diet high in fresh food such as fruits and particularly vegetables is generally regarded as the best means of preventing chronic disease. Do your best to prepare most of what you eat and avoid prepackaged food and drinks whenever possible.

SRM is proud to offer nutrition assistance to our patients; Food for Fertility is a group workshop led by an expert in reproductive nutrition, Judy Simon, MS, RD. Judy is dedicated to providing the information and motivation you need to incorporate healthy habits and, potentially, increase your chance of getting pregnant.

Get Plenty of Sleep

Sleep restores both mind and body. The National Sleep Foundation recommends adults sleep 7–9 hours each night (6 hours being the bare minimum). Watch for signs of chronic sleep deficiency such as daytime drowsiness and caffeine dependence. Practice good sleep hygiene and all aspects of Wellness will improve.

Make Exercise a Priority

The best exercise is what you enjoy doing. If it feels like work, you won’t stick with it. Don’t get bogged down searching for the right watch or the perfect shoes. Just start. By exercising consistently, you will find it easier to control your weight and build self-confidence.

Minimize Substance Abuse

There is broad agreement that illegal drugs and tobacco pose a major health risk and they should be eliminated. What about alcohol? Alcohol can disrupt a variety of Wellness goals, causing restless sleep, consumption of unnecessary calories, and escaping stress in an unhealthy way. Consider curtailing alcohol consumption by limiting it to smaller volumes on special occasions. Once you are pregnant, you should discontinue all substance use.


Struggling to conceive can damage even the strongest relationships. Open, honest, and frequent communication is key to preserving your mental health. Individuals taking the journey alone are particularly vulnerable. Don’t be afraid to seek support from friends, family, or a professional counselor. SRM has counseling services available for those in need of additional support. We are here to help…just ask.

Stress Less

Stress is inescapable. Pause and consider its effect on each principle of Wellness—rushed diet, restless sleep, no time for exercise, self-medication through consumption, strained communication. Throw in a few months of unsuccessful timed intercourse and relationships can unravel. Begin by taking an honest appraisal of where you stand. Next, find an outlet for stress tailored to improving your personal Wellness.  Exercise, meditation, service to others, time management; experiment and find what works for you.

Several of our patients have worked acupuncture into their personalized treatment plan, and report that it helps ease the stress and anxiety that is common during treatment. We have two acupuncturists here at SRM. They are experts in their field and will be fully versed on your specific situation and course of care.

When facing hurdles such as fertility, reframe your mindset. Ask yourself, “How can I turn this life challenge into something positive?” View the fertility journey as an opportunity to make Wellness a priority. Know that with time, both your objectives and perspectives will change. Be consistent, set goals, and involve those who care for you.  Most importantly, embrace Wellness as a lifestyle and celebrate the new you.

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