The physicians at SRM believe that fertility treatments should be personalized to each patient’s unique biological makeup and family building goals. To achieve this level of personalization, SRM physicians and clinic staff members sometimes use Polaris Treatment Navigator, an online visual counseling tool built by women’s health company Celmatix. Polaris Treatment Navigator allows patients to visualize their personalized fertility metrics and likelihood of success across various treatment types

During an appointment at SRM, you may receive a Polaris Treatment Navigator report, which combines your personal fertility metrics with data from over 640,000 cycles of non-IVF and IVF treatments. By leveraging the world’s largest dataset on fertility, Polaris Treatment Navigator reports provide important insights into your reproductive health today and in the future.

With a Polaris Treatment Navigator report, you can decide:

  • Whether or not you should continue trying
  • If you should start treatments, including IUI and/or IVF
  • If you should incorporate treatment options such as preimplantation genetic screening (PGS)
  • When it is time to transition from one treatment type to another
  • When to consider continue treatment with donor eggs
  • Which treatment path is best for your insurance benefits, finances and family building goals

User-friendly and easy to understand, the Polaris Treatment Navigator Report can be reviewed at home and help bring clarity to the sometimes complex experience of infertility.