Appleton, Tim. (2005) MY BEGINNINGS : A VERY SPECIAL STORY. Published by IFC Resource Center, U.K.
Available through A book that can be put together in different ways to cover IVF, IVF with ICSI, IVF with Donor Sperm, IVF with Donor Egg, donor insemination, donor embryos and frozen embryo transfers. It tells the story of a couple that led unfulfilled lives before the birth of their child through donor conception. The latest edition of the book has a CD with more information for older children, including “I’m a Little Frostie” which refers to frozen embryos.

Bourne, Kate. (2002) SOMETIMES IT TAKES THREE TO MAKE A BABY (Explaining Egg Donor Conception to Young Children). Melbourne IVF, Victoria, Australia.
Available through Written for ages 3-7. Four-book collection includes The Gift of Egg Donation, The Gift of Embryo Donation, The Gift of Sperm Donation, and The Gift of Surrogacy. The story begins with the questions of a little boy who learns of his parents’ quest to have a child and his unique conception.

Cirisan, Wava. (2004) THE VERY SPECIAL DUCKLINGS (a very simple story about egg donation).
Written for young children with sweet illustrations of ducks, eggs, and ducklings.

Donor Conception Network. (1992) MY STORY. Available through
Written for children up to age 6 who were conceived through donor insemination used by heterosexual couples. Very simple language. Engaging illustrations.

Donor Conception Network. (2002) OUR STORY. Published by Donor Conception Network.
Available through Three versions of the book include children who were conceived by sperm donation, children conceived through sperm donation to single-parent families, children conceived through sperm donation into lesbian families.

Grimes, Janice. (2004) BEFORE YOU WERE BORN: OUR WISH FOR A CHILD. Published in the US by X,Y and me.
Available through There are 16 versions of these story books, which can be used for children of two-parent families conceived through IVF, Donor Insemination, IVF with Donor Sperm, Egg Donation, Frozen Embryo Transfer, Embryo Donation, Traditional Surrogacy, Gestational Carrier. Very nice text and illustrations, with special note that story is told by a “father” bear as he helps his son get dressed and they go out to play.

Available through These story books are good for children in single parent families and include the following: Donor Insemination, IVF with Donor Sperm, Donor Egg/Donor Sperm, or Donor Embryo, and Single Dad—Traditional Surrogate, Single Dad—Donor Egg and Gestational Carrier.

Jover, Carmen Martinez. (2005) AN ITSY BITSY GIFT OF LIFE: AN EGG DONOR STORY.
Endearing storybook for young children, with lovely illustrations of rabbit families.

Leicester, Mal. (2001) MAKING MIRACLES. Published by Acebabes.
Available through A storybook for young children. Friendship between a frog and a young boy refers to assisted conception and leaves it to parents to fill in the details.

Levin, Barbara Sue. (2008). JUST THE BABY FOR ME.
Self-published illustrated story appropriate for younger and older children about one woman’s decision to become a mother with help from anonymous sperm donation.

Margolis, Amy. (2006) BUTTERFLIES AND MAGICAL WINGS. U.S.: Amy Margolis Publishing.
Out of print, but sometimes available through Ages 4-8. Written by the mother of two children conceived through donor egg, this story focuses on a butterfly couple that receive help from another butterfly with magical spots. Very colorfully illustrated.

Nadel, Carolina. (2007) MOMMY WAS YOUR TUMMY BIG? Moonkind Press.
Lovely storybook for younger children. A mother elephant explains the story of her child’s conception through donor egg and IVF. Nice illustrations and simple language will appeal to children 3-5 years and possibly older.

Napier, Juliet. (2006) SUPER SPECIAL SISTERS: A STORY ABOUT THE MIRACLE OF IN-VITRO FERTILIZATION. Victoria, Canada: Trafford Publishing.
Story of a family’s struggle with secondary infertility, as told by the first-born son. Relates experiences with IVF and Donor Egg, as well as thoughts about adoption.

Nathalie, Rozanne. (2002) A PART WAS GIVEN AND AN ANGEL WAS BORN. Edina, MN: Beaver’s Pond Press.
Illustrated storybook that may appeal to young and older children. Includes space at the end of the book for parents to add their own story.

Noble, Kim. (2009) ONE MORE GIRAFFE. Self-published sweet storybook with illustrations of giraffes to tell the story of donor ovum.

Parr, Todd. (2002) THE FAMILY BOOK. New York: Little, Brown & Co.
A lovely picture book for young children that parents can use to begin to tell their own stories.

Told from the point of view of an older child who still likes to hear her mother tell the familiar story of how she came to be. One of the best books available because it includes references to how the daughter and mother do not look alike, and how they are a close family. Appropriate for an older child to read on their own, or to be read to a younger child.

Troute-Wood, Tammy. (2011) I LOVE MY FAMILY
Available through Written in rhyme with colorful illustrations, this book tells the story of conception with IVF, however can be very easily adapted to telling the story of gamete donation. Includes a very helpful section for parents on talking with children about assisted conception, with useful glossary of terms.

Wichkham, Narelle. (2008) WHERE DID I REALLY COME FROM? Dullwich Hill, Australia: LearnToInclude Press.
Subtitled: “Sexual Intercourse, DI, IVF, Pregnancy, Birth, Surrogacy, Adoption” this book includes a lot of information. The tone and level of text is most appropriate for an older child or teenager.