Leanne Zilar is a Nurse Practitioner and Certified Nurse Midwife.  She has worked for 30 years in women’s health care in the Spokane area.  In that time, she has walked with her patients through their greatest joys and worst tragedies.  Leanne has a special passion for infertility and helped create the Donor Insemination program at her first gynecology office.

Leanne did her undergraduate and graduate work at Washington State University (go Cougs!) and completed her post-graduate work in Nurse Midwifery at Frontier Nursing University in Kentucky.  All of which she did while having a family of her own.

She definitely has a heart for fertility work.  After blending a new family, she and her husband relied on fertility treatment to have their youngest two children.  “Having children together was one of the best choices we ever made.  It united all our kids in ways nothing else would have.  Going through fertility treatments was a long and sometimes difficult journey but it definitely brought my husband and I even closer together.” 

In addition to working for SRM, Leanne teaches student nurse practitioners at Gonzaga University’s program.  She has made three medical mission trips to Rwanda (central Africa) and delivered her first baby there.  Leanne volunteered for a local board serving people living with HIV/AIDS. She and her husband were Directors for two different HIV retreats.

Her greatest service comes in the form of raising six children and being a loving wife.  In her spare time, Leanne loves to keep up on her garden, canoe and watch the Bald Eagles Estuary on her property on the Spokane River.