Hello Facebook Employees!

We’re particularly excited to welcome you to the SRM clinic as we have the geographic advantage of making your fertility appointments incredibly convenient! We are so close to the Facebook campus that it’s incredibly easy to literally walk over to see us making any morning monitoring or lunch hour appointments very easy to get to and time efficient. No traffic, no parking concerns and no stress so you can concentrate on your fertility health!

As a Facebook employee, you may have chosen to take advantage of the fertility benefit your employer has offered called Progyny Fertility.

Progyny Fertility is a third party insurance company that manages an all-inclusive benefit plan known as a “Smart Cycle”. The Smart Cycle is meant to focus on a faster path to pregnancy. These Smart Cycles are not based on cost, but on the most effective treatment from the very start. This is why the Smart Cycles allows doctors at SRM to determine the best course of fertility treatment for each individual.

Each Facebook employee gets a certain amount of Smart Cycles (which is your Lifetime Maximum), and each fertility treatment takes up a certain portion of that Smart Cycle.

Every employee that has Progyny is assigned a Patient Care Advocate (PCA) that they work with directly at Progyny. Your PCA will act as a private resource for discussing all things fertility. From coordinating appointments and helping you find a clinic that’s right for you, to treatment questions and emotional support, your PCA will help you through every step of your fertility journey. You can contact your PCA to find out how many Smart Cycles you have, how much each treatment of the cycle is worth, and what your estimated out-of-pocket cost would be based on your deductible or any co-insurance that would apply. If you are a Facebook employee, contact your Progyny Patient Care Advocate (PCA) at 844-734-8366.

Please note that for your initial consultation, you should plan on blocking two to three hours to meet with the doctor, have some initial tests run and meet with one of our financial coordinators. Going forward, all follow up appointments typically will take a half hour.

Click HERE to read through the more commonly asked questions as it relates to Progyny.

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