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Donor Egg Program

Frozen Egg Database -

There are many reasons for couples struggling with family building to utilize a young woman’s eggs to achieve pregnancy. This may include advanced reproductive aging, multiple in vitro fertilization failures, history of chemotherapy or radiation therapy, and premature ovarian failure.

We know how difficult it is for couples to be placed on a prolonged wait list for an egg donor. That’s why at SRM we go to great lengths to pair recipients with donors within three months of their initial work-up.

Egg Donor Registry

Patients don’t want to wait 6-12 months for an egg donor. We’ve made a substantial commitment to the recruitment and screening of anonymous donors to allow of our patients more choice. Our approach to recruitment and screening allows patients to cycle more quickly, economically, and with greater selection of potential donors. Our online database allows patients to conveniently review all donor records.

Financial Considerations

Treatment financing options and the Attain IVF Refund Program®, which offers up to 100% refund if IVF with donor egg is not successful, allow more patients than ever to pursue treatment at SRM. Our financial counselors are available to answer questions about the cost of treatment and how our financial services can be utilized.

Experienced Team

Our Donor Egg Team is staffed by seven full time coordinators, two full time donor recruiters, a physician medical director and three nurse practitioners. Complimenting this experienced team are two counselors, a genetic counselor and an acupuncturist. This commitment of staff allows patients of SRM to be cared for medically and emotionally.

Traveling to SRM

Patients travel to SRM for services from around the globe. For your convenience, we make every effort to minimize travel and coordinate with local providers whenever possible.

We provide patients with local resources including local restaurants and local hotels which provide SRM patients discounted rates. For the convenience of our patients, especially those traveling from out of the area, our facilities are equipped with Internet Kiosks and a wireless network.

Usually patients undergoing IVF with donor eggs are able to complete a donor egg cycle with as few as two trips to SRM.