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Fertility Treatment

Fertility treatments at SRM include a range of options from minimally invasive treatments, to using every new technology and tool available to help achieve a healthy pregnancy.

Treatment planning considers diagnosis, cost of treatments, chance of success, and a patient’s comfort level and preference. Some patients wish to pursue the treatment that will give them the highest chance of pregnancy, which is usually IVF, while others prefer to try less invasive and less costly treatments first. Our approach is to support a couple in the treatment plan they ultimately choose to pursue.

Treatments can involve some combination of medications to help egg development and possibly intrauterine insemination (IUI) or more advanced treatments such as in vitro fertilization, which may include intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), blastocyst culture, assisted hatching, pre-implantation genetic testing (PGD/PGS), and embryo or egg/sperm freezing.

In this section of our website, you can learn more about fertility treatment options we offer at Seattle Reproductive Medicine. To make an appointment with an SRM physician, please call 206-301-5000 or request an appointment here.